Norma I García Pettit

Norma I. García Pettit was born in San Francisco, California to Puerto Rican parents. After graduating from Abraham Lincoln High School, Norma moved to Puerto Rico where she earned her BA degree from the University of Puerto Rico with a major in music. She ended up living on the island for eleven years before returning to California. After years of working alongside her husband in their glass business and raising their four children, Norma obtained her teaching credential. During the last sixteen years of her career in education, Mrs. Pettit was a middle-school Spanish teacher in the Rescue School District in El Dorado County, California. Now retired, and with many close family ties in Puerto Rico, the couple regularly spends extended time on the island, where they own a second home.

Norma is a passionate genealogist whose family tree research has spanned decades. She now dedicates much of her time to creating stories about her Puerto Rican ancestors. Besides genealogy, she also enjoys playing the piano, congas, bongos, and cajón, and is a percussionist in her church.