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Sebastián, though fiercely devoted to his family, has left his father's farm in the mountains of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Settling in the bustling seaside town of Ponce in 1870, he embarks on a new career as a carpenter and is ready to embrace the cultural differences and new experiences to be found. Part of his adventure involves a young woman who looks and acts differently from the country girls he has always known. Will his new friends and new life mesh with his family back home and their lifestyle? In the process of this change, Sebastián must come to terms with his beliefs, his self-image, and his hopes for the future and a family of his own. 

Sebastián is the continuing story of the Torres family which began with Luisa. Based on true-life ancestors in the author's family tree, Sebastián will continue to enlighten readers about the history and traditions of Puerto Rico during the latter part of the 19th century. Readers vividly feel what it was like to live day-to-day in that era, along with the cultural elements that make this tropical Caribbean island so unique. Those who fell in love with Sebastián's sister, Luisa, will be equally drawn to this likeable young man and his inspiring story.

Excerpt from Chapter 4:

The bedroom door opened and Francisco called out, “Sebastián, there is a pretty girl here that I want you to meet.”

            Sebastián stared in surprise and confusion as a young woman came through the doorway carrying a tiny baby wrapped in a receiving blanket. She was indeed very pretty! She had dark brown wavy hair that fell almost to her shoulders and framed a lovely, dimpled face. Sparkling dark eyes were peeping out at him from under the longest lashes that he had ever seen on a woman. Her mouth was curved into an impish smile.

            “See? Isn’t she pretty?” the young lady said, gently pulling the blanket away from the baby’s face so that Sebastián could get a look.

            Oh! Francisco had been referring to the baby, not to the young woman holding her.

            “Yes…yes, she is most definitely very pretty,” replied Sebastián, marveling that his voice sounded almost normal to his own ears. “But who…you are not the midwife, are you? Doña Balbina?” Now his voice had taken on a tone of incredulity.

            The girl’s tinkling laughter had a little hiccup at the end of it which caused Sebastián to smile. Whoever she was, she seemed like a really fun person.

            “Balbina is my aunt. I am learning midwifery from her and I accompany her when I can. My name is Teresa García.”

            “I am Sebastiana’s brother, Sebastián Torres.”

            “Yes, I know.” There was that impish smile again. “Here, do you want to hold your niece?”

            She gently placed the bundle in his arms, and Sebastián felt his pulse quickening. It surely wasn’t from holding a newborn; with so many younger siblings plus two nieces and one nephew, he had had plenty of experience doing that. No, he realized with a little jolt of alarm, it was from Teresa’s close proximity as she handed off the baby.


Con solo leer este libro ya te imaginas que conociste a Sebastián. El relato es tan vívido y real que se disfruta hasta el viaje por el camino, en una época sin autos y que los caballos y sus carruajes eran el tradicional medio de transportación. Norma Pettit maneja magistralmente el arte de describir paisajes, personas, situaciones y nuestras tradiciones que cualquiera puede dar un viaje en tiempo y espacio a esa época. El lector se encontrará en este viaje con el Puerto Rico que vivieron nuestros ancestros, aquí no hay espacio para la chabacanería, ni la vulgaridad. Fueron tiempos difíciles pero las familias moldeaban a sus hijos con el buen ejemplo y principios religiosos. Lo recomiendo para todos los amantes de la buena lectura y los que deseen saber cómo éramos en aquellos tiempos.

Socorro Rivera Martínez
Cabo Rojo, PR


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